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Join Our Team of Brand Ambassadors!

Help us spread the word and get rewarded.

Ambassador Benefits

Pricing and Discounts

  • Exclusive discount prices on Eloquence products
  • Early access to discounts on Refine Pharma and Refine Clinical Wholesale
  • You’ll get a personal discount code to share with your fellow practitioners

Support and Resources

  • Access to aftercare advice with our onsite pharmacist
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Reposts of tagged posts for increased business reputation
  • Receive complimentary printable marketing materials (such as posters, leaflets, and roller banners) featuring both the Eloquence logo and your own logo.
  • Access to our training academy

    Early Access and Content Assistance

    • Early access to new products at exclusive early access prices. *Please note that while you have early access, purchases are still required.
    • Content assistance from marketing team (e.g., introductory post, discount code post, new product alerts)

    Why Should You Become an Eloquence Ambassador?

    Joining our ambassador program offers you an exciting opportunity to be apart of our brand community. We are looking for individuals passionate about the products, with a strong social media presence and a dedication to promoting our brand. As an ambassador, you’ll have the chance to share your enthusiasm for our products, engage with your audience, and receive exclusive benefits. 

    An Introduction to Eloquence

    Eloquence is a high elasticity hyaluronic acid dermal filler, which is used to treat deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds and skin depressions. You can also use Eloquence to plump the lips, cheeks and chin, tighten your skin and accentuate the cheek bones. We have a range of Eloquence products, which can be used for different purposes and treatment areas.

    The Eloquence range is a trusted certified product which meets all the legislative requirements, ensuring its safety and compliance with health standards.

    Why Should You Choose Eloquence:

    Natural- Looking Results:

    Eloquence enhances natural features while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and skin depressions.


    This dermal filler provides results lasting around a year or more, ensuring lasting satisfaction.

    Collagen Production:

    Eloquence promotes collagen production, improving skin elasticity and youthfulness.


    As a hyaluronic acid filler, Eloquence attracts water, draws in moisture, and keeps the skin hydrated, contributing to a refreshed appearance.

    Eloquence Range

    Ambassador Requirements

    Social Media Presence

    • Minimum 500 followers with consistent branding
    • Video introduction as Eloquence ambassador
    • Content creation: posts, reels, blogs, reviews
    • Weekly TikToks and/or Reels featuring Eloquence
    • 4 tagged posts monthly

    Compliance and Collaboration

    • Collaborative posts with Eloquence
    • Use #EloquenceAmbassador in every post
    • Include “Ambassador for @eloquence_uk” in bio
    • Monthly product and customer experience review

      Engagement and Participation

      • Participation in brand events
      • Advocate and promote Eloquence in person
      • Sharing of competitions and events
      • Purchase minimum 20 boxes of Eloquence monthly
      • If you have a website make sure you link to the Refine Clinical website where your followers can shop for Eloquence on one of your pages

      Content Guidelines

      Content Ideas


      Testimonial: Highlighting Your Success Stories

      Educational: Informative Content about Eloquence

      Transformations: Before & Afters

      Treatment Process Explained

      Q&A: Answering Common Questions

      Treatment Safety

      Product Spotlight:  Eloquence

      Reviews: Clients Sharing Their Eloquence Experience

      Eloquence Benefits: What Sets This Product Apart?


      Treatment Process

      Treatment: Preparing for a Dermal Filler Experience

      Experience Eloquence: Dermal Filler Treatment

      Different lip filler techniques

      Benefits of Using Eloquence

      Behind the Scenes of Dermal Filler Treatments

      Unbox an Eloquence Delivery

      *If you need assistance with content ideas, our marketing team is always available to lend a hand!

      Next Steps

      • Review this document:

        Familiarise yourself with the range of products Eloquence offers and agree to fulfil the responsibilities expected of a Eloquence ambassador.

      • Sign the agreement:

        Upon acceptance, you’ll undergo a 3-month trial period to ensure mutual satisfaction before extending the contract.

      • Add Eloquence links to your socials:

        Add “Eloquence Ambassador” to your instagram bio (make sure you tag the Eloquence instagram). Next, add the Refine Clinical link to your website (If applicable).

        Start posting:

        Now you’re ready to start posting content! Share your exciting announcement with your followers that you are now an Eloquence Ambassador. This could be done by sharing a video or a graphic to your socials. This is something our marketing team can help with.